Friday, June 3, 2011


After MONTHS of- No wait, after YEARS of searching and thinking and praying and deciding, I finally got a steam mop. And. I. LOVE. it!

The thing that kept delaying my decision was that I continually got different reviews from different people. One person would say "I love my mop, it's Xbrand, Ytype. You should get one!" The next person would say "I used to have Xbrand, Ytype mop and hated it. It was terrible, don't buy it." I got so much conflicting advice that my head was spinning!

And, I guess I must also admit that the price tags on steam mops are such that I wasn't super willing to just jump into a purchase of that size until something felt 'right' and I had peace about it. And, for the better part of 2 years, I didn't have any peace about any of the mops I researched.

I went so far as to have a friend pull consumer reports information on steam mops, and that only caused me to be more confused. I typically feel like I can trust their information and was excited about getting it. But it was fairly outdated, first of all, so the mops I was heavily considering weren't even listed. And secondly, some of the mops that were highly rated on there were the exact ones people had warned me against. AGH! The confusion!

Then, one day, I sat down to the computer to find an open Amazon page with a steam mop front and center. This was not a mop that I had previously researched, so I was a bit confused. I asked Seth if he had done any mop research lately (which would have been the first time in all these years!), and he calmly replied that he had and that he'd found the one I needed to get. ! Imagine my surprise and disbelief that he could so easily find one that was exactly what we needed. "Humph!" I thought.

Well, because I so strongly wanted a steam mop, and because he had spent time researching it for me, I decided to look into the one he had up on the screen. I read tons of reviews, and since I knew what I was looking for pretty easily (given all the previous hours of research and hundreds of reviews I'd read), I quickly decided that Seth was right. This mop seemed perfect!

So, I ordered it and pretty much counted down the minutes until it arrived. We have an Amazon Prime account (which I love and could go on and on about!), so it was only like two days, but I was still super excited for my package to arrive. As soon as it got here, I took it out of the box and we put it together. It wasn't until a few days later, though, when I was able to try it out.

Here's a link to the mop: The HAAN.

I must tell you, before I give the review, that I HATE doing the floors. I would rather do any chore in the house (including toilets) than floors. The vacuuming and then the mopping... ugh. But, with my new mop in my hand, I was giddy to get started. Plus, it's red, and that seemed to make me feel more spunky or something.

Assembly: VERY easy. It comes in like three pieces and you connect them.

Weight/Size: Super light! It's labeled 'slim and light' for a reason. I found that I started off by leaning over to turn on the mop, but then realized that lifting it up to me is easier. It's that light! It fits in our broom closet very easily, so it's not too tall or fat either. And it's lightness made it so that I wasn't sweating or working very hard to push it around.
Water tank: I had read reviews about how you had to use a specific funnel with certain mops, but this tank easily pops off and on, so you can just take it off and hold it under running water (tap or bottled).
Cord: My only complaint is here. I found in one particular room that I didn't have outlets that allowed me to easily mop the space. This is easily solved, though, and I would say it's sufficient, just not great.
Steam: Very strong. I could hear the steam pouring out and see the clouds of steam rolling up from under the mop. The holes are in the middle of the flat mop head, which is great until you get to corners. I found myself, especially in the kitchen, wishing they were on the bottom, but more toward the front. This was only an issue in the corners of my kitchen though, and doesn't dampen my opinion about the mop. The other thing to note here is that the steam is continuous. I didn't do anything except push the power button to make steam start. And it starts coming out in about 30 seconds. Plus, since the steam comes out from underneath, you don't have to worry about spraying furniture/cupboards nearby. I always worried about that with my Swiffer. The jets would spray three feet away!
Mop Pads: It comes with two reusable pads, but I'll be ordering more. Once the pads are wet, they start dragging around the dirt that's trapped inside. I found I could do three small areas or one large area with one pad. Which means, for me, that I need 4, not 2. I tossed them in the wash (alone!) and they came out just like new.
Carpet Glider: It came with a carpet glider, and I haven't used it yet. Being able to use it on my carpets was a requirement for me, so I'm definitely glad it has it, but I can't comment on how well it worked.

OVERALL: I would HIGHLY recommend this mop. Partially for it's size, lightness, and ease of use, but mostly for how clean my floors are. I mean, that's the point, right? And, it's so easy to just attach a pad and clean (the steam starts so quickly, etc), that I can see myself using this just for little messes, and not always for big cleaning jobs. That is, when I'm cleaning every surface in the house.

I've attached pictures of the pads, before and after. I tried taking pictures of the floors before and after, but the lighting didn't allow you to actually see a difference. But, it was very obvious to us, both visually and how clean they feel to our bare feet. Which, in a house where taking your shoes off at the door is a rule even for guests, that's important.

Hope this helps! But, if it instead adds too much to your already-full bucket of steam mop research, simply ignore me. I love it and think you would too, but I know what it's like to get conflicting reports to the degree where they make you crazy!

after (three 'small' areas)