Saturday, August 27, 2011

Making Baby Food: Green Beans

Here's how I make Green Beans baby food:
-steam frozen beans until well done (about 20 minutes)
-wash with cold water to cool down and preserve color
-blend in Magic Bullet
-freeze in cubes
-reheat as needed

Easy, Easy, Easy!
my supplies: ice cub trays, Magic Bullet, foil, Sharpie, measuring cup, and a spoon
This is my second-biggest pot, with the steamer inside.
Two packages of frozen green beans. I prefer the ones that are already cut because it makes them easier to fit into the Magic Bullet, and quicker to steam. Beware of the brand you use because some companies add salt. Make sure the ingredients list includes just the vegetable and nothing added.
After putting several inches of water in the bottom of the pot, I add both bags of green beans to the steamer, and let them cook for about 20 minutes (from the time the water is boiling). (The yellow splotch you see on the cover is not butter, it's a reflection of the hood light.)
The big metal colander sits in the sink, and after spraying them with cold water to preserve the color and cool them enough to be easy to handle, I scoop them out with the measuring cup, into the Magic Bullet container. I then add some water to the container and puree them.
I would have gotten a little over three trays, but I was making two veggies this day, and needed the two other trays for that veggie. So I froze some in these bowls we have.
seal and label
This is straight from the freezer after being frozen for over 24 hours.
What they look like once you peel the foil off,
and what they look like after coming out of the trays.
Labeled, sealed, and ready to go back into the freezer. Ready to reheat as needed.

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