Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making Baby Food: Sweet Potatoes

Here's how I make Sweet Potato baby food:
-wash the potatoes
-puncture several times with a fork, all over--up and down the length of the potato
-wrap in foil
-bake at 400 degrees for an hour on a cookie sheet
-once cool, unwrap, cut, peel, and cut into sections
-blend in Magic Bullet
-freeze in cubes
-reheat as needed

This is actually one of my favorites to make as it's so easy to cook them. Other foods that I make are harder because I have to monitor the stove the whole time, but these are easy to cook, easy to blend, and I get a large quantity of food for the effort.
Here's what they look like after cooling down and being unwrapped.
Then I cut them in half.
They peel right out of their skins once completely cool (and well-cooked).
I hack sections off with a spoon and drop them into the Magic Bullet container.
I add some water and blend.
Those five potatoes were huge, so I got four full trays out of the effort. 
(These are just regular ice cube trays though I know they make trays especially for making baby food. I just couldn't justify the price of those when these work just fine for me.)
I put foil over the top of the tray, label them, and stick them in the freezer for 24 hours.
This is what they look like frozen, straight out of the trays.
Then I put them in labeled freezer bags to store in the freezer. They're ready to use whenever I want one.
It's that simple! The worst part about making his food, right now anyways, is that it heats up the house, and when it's 105 outside, the last thing you want is something heating up your house. Except for that factor, I love making his food. It's a lot cheaper than buying it all the time, and I know he's getting exactly what I want--pure food rather than a bunch of preservatives/chemicals. I highly recommend making baby food if you're so inclined. It takes a smidge of practice, but comes easily to me now and is time well spent.

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  1. Great job! This has inspired me to make some sweet potatoes tomorrow. I have not made them in a while.