Monday, October 17, 2011

The Growth Chart Tree

Last fall, when we were ready-ing Oldest's room for his arrival, one of the things we did was replace the closet doors. Well, when I say 'we', I really mean 'Seth.' This left us with several usable closet doors which were too good to just throw away. I had to find a project for them. 

After much brainstorming, we came up with the idea to make a Growth Chart out of them. We like the idea of measuring kids every year to track their height changes, but as we can't be sure we'll be in this house for the next 18+ years, we also like the idea of taking the growth chart with us. The marks won't be lost, forever-gone, in a house where someone else can come along and simply paint over them. If we mark the heights on something moveable, it will move with us.

So, once the plan was established, I spent time thinking of creative ways to display the chart. I didn't want to just nail a closet door to a wall, I wanted it to be decorative. I came up with the idea for a tree, and after about 11 1/2 months of stewing on the idea, I finally got around to making it a reality! lol

I first painted the closet door to look like a tree (my interpretation of a tree, anyways), and then applied vinyl dashes and numbers to the length of it, which will serve as our growth guide--we'll know how tall the person was when the mark was made by noting where it falls on the ruler. I then got a Bible verse to put at the top, reminding us that God is our #1. (It is 2 Peter 3:18.) I then sprayed it with acrylic coating, and finally, Seth hung it on the wall. 

The following pictures document the process--turning a 60-year old closet door into a growth chart for our family. :-)
After sitting in the garage for nearly a year, I had quite a bit of cleaning to do first.
My first step was to paint it really dark brown.
Once I had gotten a good base, I went over with a slightly lighter color, painting in streaks.
Using two other, lighter shades of brown, I painted my interpretation of tree bark along the sides.
I bought these vinyl numbers and dashes off Etsy.
My fingers had indents after all the rubbing I had to do.
starting to peel off the paper...
what it looked like after the numbers were on...
after it was sprayed...
the top
My men hanging the growth chart tree. 
(Austin is actually trying to hand Seth the level!)
The finished project!
He's been measured! :-)