Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Can be a Snob Sometimes

If you read the title of this post and agreed with it in any fashion, stop what you're doing and call me. Immediately. Because it's obvious that we have some chatting to do.

If you read the title and were somewhat confused, good. Keep reading!

I admit it. I can be a snob sometimes. A brand snob. And this isn't with all things, of course, but for certain, seemingly-random/strange things, I must have a particular brand. This, of course, tends to throws off all manner of savings and only-buying-when-on-sale which is how I normally shop, but I can't seem to change this. I must have certain brands. But only for these few certain things.

1. Spices. Must be McCormick. I remember when Seth came home with an off-brand (that I think was a Whole Foods off-brand!) of some spice. I about cried. I couldn't believe he would subject me (and our taste buds) to something other than McCormick! Crazy, I know. It is probably exactly the same, coming from the same plant or something, just put into a different container... but that means it's a No Go for me. And as McCormick is rarely on sale, and I practically never see coupons for it, I'm always buying them at full price. (I didn't say this list would make sense.)

2. Tissue. I have to buy Kleenex, Ultra Soft. Not the kind with lotion (does bad stuff to my acne-prone nose), not the kind with aloe (does worse stuff to my acne-prone nose), not the cool sensation kind (just plain weird). And not some off-brand. Or even some other brand that ISN'T generic. I like these. They stand the test of a real nose-blowing experience. Not the wimpy kind of blowing, but the real, nose-clearing kind. As a person who is prone to sinus infections, having boxes of sub-par tissue around simply doesn't work. These are soft and gentle to my nose, but I don't have to use multiple layers to prevent the dreaded blow-through situation. Who wants snot all over their hands after a thorough nose clearing? Not this chick. And I also don't want to walk around looking like Rudolph!

3. Paper Towels. Gotta be Viva, baby! I blame Seth for this one. I used to buy another very common brand of paper towels as they were always on sale and they publish TONS of coupons for them. And then he complained. Well, maybe "complain" is a strong word, but he asked why I never bought Viva, explaining that he really liked them and preferred it when I bought those (which I never did because of the lack of coupons and sales!). But now I do. Coupons, Shmoupons. My husband cares enough about our paper towels to take the time to mention it? I'm sold. And frankly, I'm a personal convert as well. The quilted-ness (which I used to think I liked) is a scam, I think. I prefer how soft and durable these are and they soak up better, too. I also buy the ones with the half-sheet size so you can determine how much you want without having to get one huge one. I often get by with only using one half-sheet and I feel better about my impact on the environment as a result.

4. Baby Goods: Diapers=Pampers, Wipes=Huggies. Give me a Huggies diaper to put on my son, and my internal workings will practically stop. I HATE Huggies diapers. Always leak. Terrible fit. Awful. Can't. Stand. Them. BUT, I do LOVE their wipes. The Natural Care ones, specifically. I buy them through an Amazon subscription account, and get them for less than 2 cents/wipe. I love how they don't have the added chemicals, love the price, and LOVE how durable they are. Thick, not very stretchy, and always make the job easier. Give me a Pampers diaper, though, and I'm thrilled! The fit and non-leaking success that we've had with Pampers (Swaddlers and now Cruisers, specifically) has made me a Lifer. However, I DISLIKE their wipes. They're too stretchy. They only ever seemed to smear the mess rather than clear the mess. Yuck. 

5. Napkins. Must buy Bounty. I used to buy whichever one happened to be on sale, and then I got a package of generic ones. Bounty Imposters, really. And well, with a baby (and a dog) around, napkins get used a lot. I don't have the patience for my napkins to disintegrate during use. I immediately swore off anything but these Bounty ones. And even went so far as to tell Seth to remind me should I ever waver over spending that much on them. I'm anti-quilting when it comes to our paper towels, but there's something about the different uses we have for each that makes these quilts ok. And the actual paper is tough, too. They don't tear when wiping food off of little fingers (or big ones, for that matter!). LOVE these.

6.  Laundry products. I ALWAYS buy All and Downy. I love this All because it's safe for the baby skin we have had around here, and it cleans well AND has a nice smell. I use the white bottle of Downy because it's safe for baby skin, so when I combine them, the boys' clothes are safe, soft and have a smell too. But for the hubs and me, I use a Downy that has a smell in it.

7. Body Soap. We use Dove in the Spofford household. I'm not sure how I got started using this, but I'm a Loyal Customer. I buy this whenever it's on sale, with coupons and end up paying about as much as I would if I were to buy the cheapie stuff. The difference, though, is that I won't end up with flakey, dry skin.

8. Hand soap. I always buy Method, Sweet Water, foaming hand soap. But only for the guest bathroom. These Method containers are refillable too (I recently realized this is true even for the foam kind of soap!), so it's an environmental and monetary savings this way!

9. Shampoo & Conditioner. Aveda. Aveda. Aveda. I began using Aveda skin products a number of years ago because of some fairly serious skin issues I was having, and decided to try the shampoo and conditioners as well. Total fan. #1 convert. Never going back. My hair is extremely fine, gets colored several times a year, and has a "nice," Hawaii-esqe wave to it. I currently use the Color Conserve line and love it. I have used the Smooth Infusion line too, but it turned out to be a bit too heavy for my fine hair. 

10. Mascara. Lastly, though not leastly, is my Covergirl Mascara. I'm not sure how this one got started either. It's not the kind my mom uses. It's not Aveda. I don't actually know anyone else who uses it. But I've tried others, even other Covergirl ones, and always come back to this. Thankfully, though, this is something I often find on sale and/or have a coupon for, so it's not something I have to spend a lot on in order to be the brand snob that I am.

This is not an exhaustive list. By any means. I walked around the house just now looking for things which I would only buy of a certain brand and found many other items I could list. But given that most of them were found in the bathroom, I think that's probably a bit too much sharing for a public venue like this. (If you're interested though, feel free to ask the next time you see me!)

Am I alone in this? Is there anything you're a (brand) snob about? Perhaps you have a product suggestion for me/us. I'm open to trying new versions of products. Just not of certain products. ;-)


  1. This cracks me up, but I totally get it! I can't say that I share any of these items in common, but my biggie is Ketchup. It MUST be Heinz. Nothing else will do.

  2. All of these came after marriage, so they are really more David than me, but I tend to agree now that I've seen the light. We have to have Heinz Ketchup, Hellman's Mayonnaise, Jif Creamy Peanut Butter and Puffs Kleenex, oops . . . tissue, Welch's Grape Jam (not jelly) and Crest toothpaste. I used Colgate growing up but didn't like having two tubes so tried Crest and converted.

  3. Has to be quilted northern toilet paper!!!

  4. I am totally with Jessica and Kim on the Heinz ketchup thing. I, who love ketchup enough to make it its own food group, would rather go without than not have Heinz. Its both texture and flavor to me, but I've noticed that some other, lesser Ketchups often even look brown. I know that its probably added food coloring, but who wants brown ketchup?!? I come by this honestly, though - my father is exactly the same way.

  5. Jessica-You'll be happy to know that we currently have Heinz in the fridge.
    Kim-Seth requires Hellman's too. I don't like mayo, so bought Kraft and he about threw me out of the house! I learned my lesson with that one.
    Heather-Bought some Quilted Northern today to try.
    AM-SO glad for the honesty!

  6. Quilted Northern for us too . . . used to be Charmin . . . David is in charge of the T's (trash, tp and tissue)

  7. Our paper towel choice just won an award by Good Housekeeping!

  8. And my mascara made this list: