Friday, April 12, 2013

BzzAgent Kit: Garnier B.B. Cream

I am LOVING BzzAgent right now. I have gotten to try (for free!) so many different things lately! (2013 has been a very full year of trying of free stuff.) I tried cereal (well, really, Austin did), handsoap, and now something for moi. :-) And this is something that was VERY interesting to me because I did my own research on tinted sunscreens already, but this is a new product and I'm always open to finding something new, better, cheaper, etc.

A full-size tube!
I put a little on my finger and was immediately worried that it would be too greasy.
I rubbed it on the back of my hand and immediately worried that it would be too dark for my face, and I'd be unable to wear it.

Given my experience with putting it on my finger and on the backs of my hands, I was nervous to try it. It took me over a week to actually try it out, but I did eventually muster up the courage. (I was simply afraid I'd hate it and didn't want to be stuck with something on my face when I wouldn't be able to take it off.) And I'm happy to report that I don't hate it! I don't love it either, but it's definitely something I'll continue using.

I had found that the stuff I was previously using was clogging my pores so I stopped using it faithfully and so I really need to get something that I'm 100% happy with. This B.B. Cream claims not to clog pores (the other one does too, though), so I'm sticking with it for awhile to see. And it wasn't too dark at all! Once applied to my face, it blended in very well and did a good, light job of covering my skin. It wasn't greasy or heavy which is exactly what I look for in a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen.

UPDATE 8-15-13: This product makes me break out so I've stopped using it.

** This review was done as a part of my participation in campaigns with BzzAgent. I have gotten to try (for FREE!) all sorts of products. If you're interested in learning more, click HERE.**

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