Saturday, April 6, 2013

BzzAgent Kit: Lysol Foaming Handsoap

I'm on a roll with BzzKits! After doing the cereal one recently, I got invited to two more and I was SO excited. These were products for me rather than for the kids, so it kinda felt like I was getting some presents. Some Momma Spoiling. Which everyone can use a little more of, right?

Anyways, the first one I got was for Lysol Foaming Handsoap. I was excited about the timing of its arrival because it came just in time for Easter Weekend. A weekend during which we host a series of events, so I would have the chance not only to try out some new soap myself, but get all of our guests to try it as well.

The smell is "creamy vanilla orchid."

A whole stack of coupons!
I just put it where my soap normally sits.
And started trying it! (It foams out just like other foam soaps I've tried.)
Upon using it for the first time, I asked my husband what he thought. His immediate reaction was that the scent is too strong and too feminine for him to want to use on a regular basis. I agree that the scent is strong and though I like it, the scent does linger on your hands awhile (not a bad thing), but it's a little girly-girl to expect my husband to use it. I'm not sure if they make this new soap in other smells, but something that is more gender-neutral, simply fresh smelling would be nice.

But the magic of this soap isn't in the use, but in the after-effects! The soap leaves my hands feeling like I just applied lotion. I'm serious. I didn't think that I would be ready to switch soap brands after doing this BzzKit, but I AM! As someone who changes two sets of diapers throughout the day, I wash my hands constantly. And I regularly feel like the backs of my hands are about to split open they are so dry and raw. I haven't had this new soap long enough to see if helps that dramatically long-term, but I'm excited about the possibility!

I asked my Easter Weekend guests if they had any feedback to give me so that I could add it to my review and I heard the same things my husband and I had come up with: the smell is strong and feminine and the soap leaves your hands soft and without need of applying lotion. So, overall we like the soap and yet wish for a different scent. (Which may already exist, I don't know.)

UPDATE 1-27-14: It's all I buy, now! I've totally converted to a Lysol Touch of Foam handsoap user in both our bathroom and the guest bathroom!

** This review was done as a part of my participation in campaigns with BzzAgent. I have gotten to try (for FREE!) all sorts of products. If you're interested in learning more, click HERE.**

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  1. For someone who doesn't like foaming soap, I liked this one because I didn't feel the urgent need I usually do after washing my hands to put on lotion. Glad I got to try it out on Easter . . . will definitely check into buying it if it's available in stores yet. However, David buys those huge soap dispenser refills and I think we have three of them. So I don't really need any soaf :(