Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Moms' Night Out: a FREE movie screening

I'm going to this movie for FREE and I get to bring a guest. It's a movie called "Moms' Night Out" and the trailer should be visible below. The screening is February 18th at 7pm in Plano.

Comment below if you'd like to come with me. I'll select the random winner on February 14th.

UPDATE 2-14-14: The winner is Monica Street! Congrats!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grand Opening's January Contest!

I had my Grand Opening today for my new business. The event was awesome and as a way to celebrate, I'm GIVING AWAY an AMP MD roller. If you're thinking about giving your skin a chance at being better, get with me and we'll get you started! The contest only goes through the end of the month, so you'd better hurry. You'll get this amazing tool for free just for getting better skin! There's a 60-day money back guarantee, so there is ZERO risk, here. You'll either get your money back or you'll get better skin. The results are clinically proven.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

BzzAgent Kit: Kroger Simple Truth

We recently got a new camera and I got to use this Kroger Simple Truth BzzAgent Kit I got to do. It was fun to try out settings on objects that HELD STILL!

As always, the box came with lots and lots of coupons, a pamphlet explaining the products and full size products. I got a bottle of water, bag of popcorn and a box of cereal.

The water was a lemon flavor, which I don't care for because it reminds me of cleaning products, and I don't like to drink my cleaning products! (I don't care for lemon in my water or my tea!) So I can't say that I liked the water much, because I was only able to drink a couple sips of it.

The popcorn was DELICIOUS! It comes in several flavors and we got the white cheddar cheese one. Super yummy, just enough flavor. Seth kept saying it reminded him of "Smartfood" which isn't something I'm familiar with, so I had to Google what he was talking about. In any case, it was good, and we will definitely buy it again! (I was actually at a Kroger recently after getting this shipment and bought the Kettle Corn flavor and I couldn't put it down, it was so good. BUY IT.)

Lastly, I got a Cranberry Apple Cinnamon cereal and liked it. I wasn't blown away, but the flavors and textures were what I would have expected, so I'd buy it again. Mostly, I'm trying to avoid having just carbs for breakfast, so we're just generally not buying much cereal these days. I would recommend it, though, if you're looking for something like it.

Have you tried these products? Have you tried any other flavors/varieties of these same products that you could recommend?

** This review was done as a part of my participation in campaigns with BzzAgent. I have gotten to try (for FREE!) all sorts of products. If you're interested in learning more, click HERE.**

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BzzAgent Kit: Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive care razor

I LOVE doing BzzAgent. And you know what I LOVE-LOVE!? Doing one that's focused on me rather than the family/the boys. And this BzzKit was exactly that. Something super personal--shaving! This kit was for the Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive care. 
love the coupon for a free shave gel PLUS coupons off future razors
full size razor and a replacement blade!
It's a very gel-y handle with grip-ers.
Lots of blades!

The thing I was most excited about was that it is for sensitive skin. Because while I don't have sensitive skin in most situations, I struggle with underarm issues if I shave too often. I was hopeful that this would help. And it did. BUT. I usually use the Schick Intuition razor. And, though I really liked this razor (and I think the shave was closer/better!), I will stay with the Intuition for a two reasons:

1) The handle is more comfortable with the Intuition. I liked the Hydro handle, but it got a bit awkward too. Perhaps that's because I'm used to my other one, but I felt funny holding it at certain angles.

2) You need shave lotion/cream/stuff with this razor. Our shower is very small and there's not anywhere to stand without being IN the water, so the gel I borrowed from Seth just rinsed right off before I could get to that spot to shave it. The Intuition has shave stuff surrounding the blades so it's not a separate thing to be rinsed off.

So while the handle wasn't as comfortable as my Intuition, I'd probably keep using it because the shave is so much closer, but won't because of the situation in which I shave 99% of the time. But if you have a bigger shower or shave in the tub, perhaps this is for you!

** This review was done as a part of my participation in campaigns with BzzAgent. I have gotten to try (for FREE!) all sorts of products. If you're interested in learning more, click HERE.**