Friday, February 21, 2014

Moms' Night Out: A Movie Review

I held a giveaway on here and my friend Monica won. So it was a girls night out for the two of us. The company managing the event even had goodie bags for everyone in attendance. (My favorite part is a little key chain of scriptures we can pray over our kids but it had all sorts of things inside.) So Monica not only got to see a free movie, but she got a goodie bag as well as an evening with me! ;-)
Here's us doing a selfie in the theater.
I really, really, REALLY enjoyed this movie. REALLY enjoyed it. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I smiled and laughed so much throughout it that my cheeks were sore afterward! I'm not allowed to give away anything that might be considered a spoiler, but the basic premise is that a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) is overwhelmed with life and so she plans an evening out--Moms' Night Out, and things go horribly awry. There's a book club, pastor's wife, stolen vehicle, police chase, tattoo parlor/artist, kind strangers, jail, and an ER visit involved. And while the plot lines at times felt a little obvious, it didn't stop it from being a hilarious movie and time well-spent.

It also is a Christian movie so the gospel is present throughout which I loved. The message is that Jesus loves everyone and salvation is for everyone. I dislike that His message has become something taboo or that is shunned in today's American society. It's not for the perfect, it's not for "the religious", it's for you and for me. And in this movie it's discussed openly and humorously. It's intwined in the message of the movie which is how it is in my life--intwined in everyday living. And it's a funny movie that keeps you on your toes. What's not to like?? I completely recommend it. GO!

The version we saw wasn't fully finished, so it had a few editing errors that I'm sure will get fixed when the movie actually comes out (Mother's Day weekend!), and they told us that the orchestra who did the music for Frozen is doing this soundtrack. So the music will be awesome too! I think every mom should ask for a night out with friends to go see this movie as their gift for Mother's Day. Leave the kids with the Daddies, get some girlfriends together, and go see it! Just pray your evening isn't as eventful as the one in the movie! ;-)

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