Monday, August 11, 2014

BzzAgent Kit: Let's Imagine Elmo

I recently received a free Let's Imagine Elmo from BzzAgent and the boys love it! It's a plush Elmo that comes with three different "hats" that you place on his head to change his character. Each version of Elmo plays a different interactive game with you. So, he'll have you playing a version of Simon Says with tickling his belly, bouncing him, and then squeezing his nose or he'll have you squeeze his nose over and over and count to 20 with you. The hats actually stick down into his eyes so Elmo knows which hat he is wearing and some of the games are more entertaining than others. G (22 months) had no problem taking the hats off, but putting them back in place is a bit of a firmer push than he can muster. The belly isn't very squishy, but I wouldn't expect it to be. A (46 months) has no problem following the games as they are supposed to be played.

My only two complaints about this toy are that he seems to not want to do anything unless he has a hat on. There's no "hat-less" setting. He just keeps telling you to put a hat on him. That seems strange. Also, maybe it's just the one we got, but his nose is nearly impossible to squeeze correctly. It's like his nose is broken and the part you're supposed to squeeze moves around inside the orange blob that is his nose. I keep saying "Elmo must have a deviated septum" to A. He doesn't think it's funny.

Anyways, I'd recommend it for your 3ish-year old and I have three $10 off coupons if you're interested!

They immediately wanted me to open him up.
Cowboy Elmo
Captain Elmo
Prince Elmo
Trying like the dickens to squeeze his nose.
showing the hole to receive the hats

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