Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Would a Worm Go on a Walk? -- review

When FlyBy asked if I would review this book, I was so smitten with the illustrations that I had to say yes. I don't think I even read the description of the book before responding!
Doesn't he look cute!?
It took awhile to arrive, so I'd actually forgotten about it by the time it came, but was super excited to open it and read it to the boys. The pictures are just as gorgeous as I expected!

However. The text of this book leaves something to be desired. It's an attempt at a really fun book with a good cadence to the text, but it just falls flat. The text doesn't quite rhyme and in some places, the words they use create a bit of a SoapBox in my opinion (do we really need to be telling kids that boys can't use lipstick?). I could let most of those things slide, but then there's a scripture usage error at the end! As I read through the book, I was thinking "ok, not my favorite, so it's a 'like it' book" and then with the second to the last page, the scripture error made this a "leave it" book.

If Biblical accuracy isn't your thing or important to you, I'm sure it's a fine book. But since the ending is an attempt to make a point based on scripture, it seems like the point should be a correct one, right!?
rhyming cadence
one of several "soapbox" moments
God did not say animals were "very good."
He only said that about people. There is a difference.
Overall, Leave it!